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InnoEnergy is a European company that promotes integration in the areas of education, business and entrepreneurship, as a way to strengthen the culture of innovation in the field of sustainable energy.

Within these three areas, we work to create successful start-ups. InnoEnergy Highway® offers a tailored service to entrepreneurs to help them transform their business ideas into consolidated companies.

Through InnoEnergy Highway®, we help entrepreneurs strengthen their technology, develop sustainable business models, form ‘A teams’ and provide funding for growth. We offer this service through our extensive network of partners formed by key companies and institutions in the field of energy.

Global partners

logo Gas Natural fenosa

Gas Natural Fenosa

Gas Natural Fenosa is a leading global company present in over 30 countries with 23 million customers. Its international presence ensures a privileged position for capturing the growth of new regions in the process of economic development, becoming one of the main operators of the world.

Gas Natural Fenosa, a gas and electricity company in Spain, is a leader in gas distribution, exceeding 5 million customers and in the electricity business, it is the third company in the country, with 3.7 million customers and a relevant presence in different technologies: combined cycle, hydro, coal, co-generation, wind and nuclear plants.

Since it first started Gas Natural Fenosa has been known for its strong commitment to innovation, which is why it carries out intense support for innovation and entrepreneurship, with the aim of anticipating new market needs and promoting new business projects to continue meeting the energy needs of society, offering new, quality and environment friendly products and services.

Local partners

logo Barcelona Activa

Barcelona Activa

Barcelona Activa, integrated in the management of Employment, Enterprise and Tourism of the City of Barcelona, is the organisation responsible for promoting the economic development of the city, designing and implementing employment policies for all citizens, and favouring the development of a diversified economy of proximity.

For 30 years, it has been promoting Barcelona’s economic activity and its sphere of influence, supporting employment policies, entrepreneurship and companies, while promoting the city internationally and its strategic sectors; in the key of proximity to the territory.
logo Porto and UPTEC

ScaleUp Porto.

A strategy from Porto’s municipality to promote the city’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. With an integrated vision the aim is to support the scaleup process, by building a sustainable ecosystem that enhances regional economic competitiveness, creates employment and improves the citizens’ life quality.

UPTEC- Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Universidade do Porto promotes the creation of companies with a technology, scientific and creative foundation and attracts companies from national and international research centers. Since the beginning of its activities, in 2007, UPTEC has supported more than 500 business projects in broad areas such as nanoscience, nanotechnology, new materials and production, energy, health, food, biotechnology, information systems, digital media, architecture, interactive marketing and content production.

Innovation partners

logo CEiiA


CEiiA is a Centre of engineering and product development that designs, develops and operates products and systems alongside its partners in cutting-edge industries, such as aeronautics, automotive, urban mobility, ocean and space.

CEiiA’s ambition is to lead future innovation in transport and mobility industries, from Portugal to the World. With a team of more than 250 engineers working with world class methodologies and tools, CEiiA works across the full spectrum of Research, Development and Engineering projects.
logo COMSA

COMSA Corporación

COMSA Corporación is the first-largest Spanish unlisted group in the infrastructure and engineering sector with a turnover of more than €1,000 million and it is currently present in over 20 countries. The group is organized into three business areas: Infrastructure and Engineering; Services and Technology; and Concessions and Renewable Energy.

One of the keys of COMSA Corporación’s progress is its business operation abroad, where the company has a turnover of €508 million and a workforce of more than 3,700 people. The group’s expansion over recent years has enabled it to put in place projects on five continents.

Additionally, innovation is a fundamental pillar in the business philosophy of COMSA Corporación. The company has a firm commitment to the technological transfer of its R&D applied to the infrastructure construction and maintenance.

Knowledge partners

logo Ateknea solutions


Since 1997, Ateknea Solutions has been helping Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) across Europe to break down technological barriers and bridge innovation gaps to boost business and reach new markets.

With 6 offices throughout Europe, Ateknea can provide your company with a wide range of integrated services. From engineering services to business development to project management and marketing support, our services and expertise can drive your technological innovation to the next level.

Our highly-qualified business advisers can also recommend the best funding opportunities for your business including non-refundable EU grants for innovation activities.
logo Osborne Clarke

Osborne Clarke

Osborne Clarke is an international law firm with a long history in Spain with over 25 years providing legal and tax advice to national and international clients.
Logo SRS Advogados

SRS Advogados

SRS lawyers is a full-service law firm, focused on providing world-class legal services, with the Client at its core and within all business areas.

Our team of lawyers is oriented to the Client’s needs, counting with more than 25 years of experience in legal advice to companies, government and financial institutions, national and international.

Through the launch of SRS Global (Angola, Brasil, Macau, Malta, Moçambique, Portugal and Singapura) and a strong network of international contacts, our main goal has been to broaden our knowledge and expertise to face the increasing complexity of legal issues that appear on a global level.
logo ZBM

ZBM Patents & Trademarks

ZBM Patents is an industrial property agency based on quality and transparency: we are convinced that the only way to offer a good service is to understand the needs of the customers. We offer a complete range of services in all fields of Industrial and Intellectual Property with the objective of offering the most appropriate advice to the needs and priorities of our clients.

Training partners