Cleantech Camp selects the 15 business ideas that will be part of the 2020 program

The 5th edition of Cleantech Camp has already selected the 15 projects that, until next November, will follow our training program. The business ideas have been chosen from among the…

The 5th edition of Cleantech Camp has already selected the 15 projects that, until next November, will follow our training program. The business ideas have been chosen from among the more than 70 proposals that submitted their candidacy in January, of which 50 have already passed the first selection phase. The finalist start-ups will aspire to obtain rewards that can reach a valuation of 150,000 euros, among the items destined to the acceleration of the companies and the possible financing of up to four pilot tests.

The selected projects come mainly from Spain, but they also originate from countries such as Portugal, France, or the United Kingdom. Among the solutions they address, those related to mobility stand out, followed by those related to biogas and hydrogen, Smart cities, Smart grids, Internet of things and AI, energy efficiency, and energy storage.

We postponed the celebration of Cleantech Camp last March with the aim that it could be resumed from September, with the final selection of projects. Once chosen, the 2020 edition will be held remotely and not in person.

During the last months, we have been working on the design of a platform capable of complying with all the necessary functionalities so that the program can be followed under the same conditions as in previous editions. Cleantech Camp 2020 will maintain the essence of other years, with the organization of virtual training weeks located in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon, which will combine training sessions with specialized workshops for the development of projects and networking meetings, in which students entrepreneurs will come into contact with local experts. Once the program is completed, on Thursday, November 26, we will celebrate the awards ceremony, in which we will announce the winning projects of this year’s edition.

Cleantech Camp 2020 Projects:

  1. BioRenGaz – Biogas & Hidrogen – Francia

• A renewable carrier used to improve performance of AD plants, reducing significantly the energy consumption of the plants, producing more biogas and reducing operational costs.

  1. Poomba – Mobility – España

• Poomba is a super van ride-sharing mobility service that offers a value-added alternative to the private car and public transport using technology to group people with similar mobility habits and drives them from origin to destination optimizing the route that the driver has to follow.

  1. Cooling – Energy efficiency – España

• Microtech transparent product that, when applied on any surface dissipates heat in form of infrared radiation in the most efficient way, reducing its temperature, even under direct sun.

  1. Bloomod – IoT & AI – España

• Vertical biofilter module, created following the guidelines of vertical gardening with an air filter system built in it.

  1. H2vivo – Biogas &Hidrogen – España

• Hydrogen generator technology, which separates hydrogen from water using solar power.

  1. Liight – Mobility / Smart cities – España

• App to foster eco-friendly habits in the citizens throughout gamification.

  1. BeChained – Smart Grids – España

• BeChained provides an AI platform to map consumption and model the consumers’ production profile in order to identify energy flexibility by re-programming the production cycle to respond to a market signal of price or supply shortage/overproduction.

  1. Starke Energy – IoT & AI / Smart grids – España

• Battery solution to balance local electric grids.

  1. YaWatt – Mobility – España

• App for sharing private electric vehicle chargers. It is specially oriented to those EV drivers who haven’t got private parking or can’t install a charger in their garages.

  1. Solum – Mobility – España

• Solum designs, develops, and sells charging stations for electric micro-mobility vehicles through solar pavement. 100% walkable, can be installed at any space of the city, and produce enough energy to charge 15 e-scooters within 7m2.

  1. HyBird – Industrial – UK

• Data analytics firm that consolidates visual asset inspection data & streamlines workflows for enterprise asset managers.

  1. Littlenergy – Energy Storage – España

• Develop and implement a first pilot line, capturing battery packs from the aftermarket, analysis, disintegration, selection, recycling, reconstruction and construction of new battery packs that require stationary applications with reduced costs for the automotive sector.

  1. Algaementum – Biogas & Hidrogen – Portugal

• Production of biomethane through modular, decentralized Carbon-cultivation platforms.

  1. Allread –Smart cities – España

• Deep learning and computer vision for character recognition, applicable to the logistics sector.

  1. Movtz – Mobility – Portugal

• E-bikes charging solutions using second life batteries.