Customer Validation Workshops for Cleantech Camp’s entrepreneurs


The promoters of the 14 projects that are following Cleantech Camp 2017 program had the opportunity to join, a few days ago in Barcelona, the Customer Validation Workshop conducted by Javier Aguilar, CEO and founder of King eClient, specialist in strategic consultancy and on new technologies business and emerging projects. Aguilar is a well known professional with the capacity to detect business opportunities and market trends and to lead high performance teams with the aim of generating new initiatives and business projects.

The seminars were focused on helping entrepreneurs identify the value propositions of their projects. From the initial idea to the materialization of any business, there is a path that requires different evaluations in order to determinate its future viability in the market. The Workshop aimed to help the entrepreneurs to think about the best way to detect opportunities by doing different exercises Aguilar carried out with them.

During these days, special emphasis is being placed on the need to identify the business value propositions of the projects that are following the program. Experts agree on highlighting the importance of being able to explain any project easily and objectively, that each project’s value proposition has to be easily justifiable and oriented to cover or to generate a need. Furthermore, the business idea must be useful and its development has to be sustainable and affordable.

During the Workshop, the entrepreneurs following Cleantech Camp program were also able to complete different tests to measure their business value contribution, and to analyze diverse successful case studies of different companies.