Wwave, a project focused on the optimization of wind farms, is the winner of the Cleantech Camp



The third edition of Cleantech Camp, the start-up acceleration program promoted by InnoEnergy and Naturgy with the collaboration of COMSA Corporación, Barcelona Activa, Scale-Up Porto and CEIIA unveiled last June 28th at the headquarters of Barcelona Activa the winner of the Cleantech Camp and the finalists of this third edition. During the award ceremony, the six finalist projects: Klug, Phyen, Recircula Solutions, Smart Reeds, TramGrid and Wwawe, were defended to a numerous jury composed of representatives of the companies that drive the program, the industry of the clean energies, as well as the world of research and innovation.


Wwave, Recircula Solutions and Klug are the winners of the Cleantech Camp 2018

The first prize, worth 20,000 euros, was for the start-up, based in Madrid, Wwave, whose proposal is based on the optimization of wind farms by installing wind flow concentration structures around the wind turbines, to increase their production, reduce the cost of energy and lengthen the useful life of its components.


For its part, the Catalan start-up Recircula Solutions received the second prize of 10,000 euros for a project dedicated to the recycling of waste. This proposal is based on the implementation of technology in containers that interacts and encourages citizens, which allows to accumulate large volumes of data and improve up to 15% recycling rates.


Finally, the Klug project presented by a Portuguese startup received the 5,000 euros corresponding to the third prize. This proposal is focused on the intelligent use of household appliances, so that they are able to learn through artificial intelligence the routine of using hot water in homes. The plug & play technology allows to heat only the amount of water needed, which results in considerable savings at home.


In addition, the winning projects will have the support for their growth and consolidation through contributions in kind valued at 15,000 euros made by the knowledge partners of the program: ZBM Patents, Osborne & Clarke, SRS Advocados and Ateknea Solutions.

Moreover, in the third edition of the Cleantech Camp, a total of 70 start-ups or companies in the emerging phase of Spain and Portugal were presented, a figure that represents an increase of 40% compared to the candidatures presented in the previous edition.

Finally, among all the projects received, 15 were selected, which have been able to follow the program during four months guided by experts and develop their business plan and start working on the validation of their project in the market. For this, the entrepreneurs have participated in work sessions held at Barcelona Activa, Scale-Up Porto and the InnovaHub de Naturgy, in different workshops, events and networking lunches.