Challenges for the development of Cleantech Camp 2020 pilot tests from CRH


CRH is a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of materials and products related to construction. The company, as a partner of the current edition of Cleantech Camp, outlines to entrepreneurs who follow the program, a series of challenges for the development of their pilot tests. CRH believes that a pilot test must be financially viable from the start, ideally 4 or 5 years PBT if the pilot has been developed. The interest is focused on pilots who are able to propose a significant reduction of CO² emissions in the asphalt and cement industry or construction components and materials in general.

The proposed technology to develop the project must have a maturity degree of TRL 4-6-7. It must be scalable and integrate carbon capture and use sustainable or renewable energy sources and with a production and resource management model based on the circular economy.

Finally, the company recommends that entrepreneurs study the industrial needs of the sector and explore disruptive solutions to decarbonize the industry.

  • CC+U (Carbon Capture and Utilisation).
  • Integration of solar energy & thermoelectric technology.
  • Digital-IoT solutions integration in processes and/or products.
  • Thermal and/or electrical storage.
  • Net Zero energy and fully automated plants.
  • Hydrogen technology in industrial processes