Partners' Challenges

Cleantech Camp will finance a pilot per each partner, giving you the chance to start developing your idea.

Cleantech camp promotes Open Innovation

Our industry partners have proposed a series of challenges for this edition of Cleantech Camp. During the program, you will propose a possible solution to these challenges. Afterward, you will have the possibility to work with our partners on its viability.

The best proposals can even be implemented!

Naturgy is looking for solutions in:

  • All-in-one portable module for vehicle H2 (production, storage and supply)
  • Platforms/Apps for interoperability between different operators EV charging points
  • Wireless charging for electric vehicles in public parking spaces
  • Decarbonization simulator to reduce the carbon footprint of final customers, integrating different technologies and markets
  • Customer gamification in circular economy as customer loyalty programme
  • 5G solutions applied to Industrial IoT to make manufacturing processes more sustainable
  • New energy storage solutions that bring value to customers
  • Second life batteries and other solutions for electric mobility
  • Solutions for demand aggregation and flexibility
  • New technologies to optimize any of the Biomethane or Hydrogen life cycle phases

Enagás is looking for solutions in:

  • Solutions in the whole value chain of the renewable hydrogen sector.
  • Technologies to improve biogas and biomethane production.
  • Circular economy. Conversion of landfill waste into synthetic gas.
  • Decarbonisation of industrial assets. Technologies to capture CO2 or CH4 and conversion into inert/value products.
  • Sustainable mobility with renewable gas. Special focus in refuelling stations and heavy transportation.
  • Solutions to generate renewable heat in industrial processes.
  • Thermal energy storage and non-electrical solutions for energy storage.
  • Digitalization of industrial assets to improve energy efficiency.

CRH is looking for solutions in:

  • CC+U (Carbon Capture and Utilisation).
  • Small scale family size capture of CO2 and commercialisation process
  • Integration of solar energy & thermoelectric technology.
  • Thermal storage (seasonal or daily).
  • Electrical storage (seasonal or daily).
  • Hydrogen technology in industrial processes.
  • Renewable energy in energy intensive industrial processes
  • Renewable energy integration at building or infrastructure level
  • Block chain in the building industry value chain.
  • Net Zero energy and fully automated plants.
  • Circular economy – based solutions for construction materials industry

PRIO is looking for solutions in:

  • Advanced Liquid Biofuels (based on raw materials listed under part A of Annex IX – RED II).
  • Hydrogen for mobility.
  • Circular Economy (Energy-related eg. second life batteries).
  • E-fuels.

The programme will co-finance one pilot with Naturgy, Enagás, CRH and PRIO. Please, go to rules of participation to know the conditions.