The programme consists in 3 weeks of live digital trainings in addition to 2 weeks to develop the first pilot proposal to be developed during the programme.

Futhermore, a networking event will be organized as well as the final ceremony, both in Barcelona.

During the programme, each project will have one mentor assigned to follow-up with her/him on the development of the business plan and investor pitch.

  • 1 March

    Call open

  • 28 March

    Deadline for applications



  • 13 – 15 April

    Interviews and selection process

  • April to June

    Programme development


  • 16 September

    Final event



Industry involvement

Industry partners of Cleantech Camp are involved to develop their open innovation strategies, and for that their are looking for innovations in the thematic areas of the programme. Their final objective is innovate, validate and improve their operational processes.

Cleantech Camp will promote the relation between partners and participants by organising several brainstorming sessions between participants and programme partners.

The programme will co-finance up to 50% one pilot for each of the partners.

(More information in Partners Challenges)

Live Digital training

The Cleantech Camp programme has industry experts in the field of clean energies and entrepreneurship with varied and complementary profiles to be able to give the best training to the programme participants regarding sales topics, business model and business strategy.

We also have specialised mentors who will provide support throughout the programme so that at the end of the programme, the participating teams may have a solid business model.

Details of the professional profiles, as follows:

Albert Navarro

Co-founder and CEO at Bridge the Gap


Bruno Correia

Partner at Outlier Consulting


Carles Comes

Partner, ZBM Patents & Trademarks


Carlos da Silva

Director at Founder Institute Lisbon, Executive Professor at HEG Switzerland


Laura Sisó

Co-founder and COO at Bridge the Gap, Co-founder at SITL Capital


Liliana Castro

Founder & Manager


Mercè Rius

Coach de equipos y socia de Salto con Red


Mónica Galán

Coach de Comunicación, Oratoria y Presentaciones Eficaces



Carlos Belmonte

Director at TRACKTIO


Cristian Lopez

Sales Advisor for Energy sector


David Mota

CFO at Tegopi, Indústria Metalomecânica SA


Didac Lorente

Strategy, Growth, Investments, Digital


Eduard Puig

Climate Finance and Cleantech Seed-Investor


Nuno Brito

Co-founder @ GoParity, Partner @ Snap! Partners


Robert Navarro

Managing Director Innogy Spain


Xavier Crusat

Market & Innovation Advisor