What is included in the program

Cleantech camp is a program to help entrepreneurs in the field of clean energy with the objective to transform the projects into companies.  We look for solutions with high potential impact and we support them transfering the technology into the market.

Participants have access to high value resources:

  • Constant access to mentors specialized in their field
  • Specialized training and workshops to develop the project with experts in their sector.
  • International Visibility and contacts, the program takes place in Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisboa.

The program will have a series of networking events with investors and companies within the sector.

Why Participate?

  • Acquire the knowhow needed to launch a project into the market
  • Learn about the different public and private financing options.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your team.
  • Prepare your presentation to investors.
  • Interact with other entrepreneurs, and investors from the sector.
  • Meet the entrepreneurial ecosystem in clean energy across Spain and Portugal.
  • International visibility for your project.
  • Meet relevant contacts from the sector such as, VC’s, business angels, potential clients, and specialists in energy entrepreneurship.
  • Access to the InnoEnergy investment program.

In what phase should my project be in?

We are looking for projects in the idea or pre-pilot phase.

The company doesn’t have to be incorporated to apply, but the company must be incorporated before December 31st, 2021 to receive the cash prizes.

If the company is in the sales process, 2020 sales should be less than 100.000€.

Who has access to my information and documentation?

All the information will be shared with strict confidentiality and only members of the jury and the program organizers will have access.

Do I have to relocate for the duration of the program?

The sessions are in person, so the participants must be in Barcelona, Madrid or Lisbon the days of the training, and the awarding of the prizes. You can consult the program calendar in the application.

The program covers my relocation costs?

The program offers a subsidy to the participants depending on the distance they are from the training sites.  (More details in the program bases).

Should the entire team participate?

The participation of one member must continue throughout the program (preferably the CEO of the company), other members can participate in some of the training if they consider it necessary for the project’s development. The same member must attend all of the sessions.

In what language will the training take place?

All of the training will be done in English.