Challenges for the development of Cleantech Camp 2020 pilot tests from PRIO


The Portuguese company PRIO looks for pilot tests to develop innovative projects, products or services during Cleantech Camp 2020 program, that fit the company’s value chain and have the capacity to be tested in real environments.

PRIO is especially interested in the following fields:

• Advanced liquid biofuels (based on raw materials listed under part A of Annex IX – RED II)

• Hydrogen for mobility.

• Circular economy (related to energy, for example, second life batteries)

The company hopes that the pilots will be able to suggest new ideas, advanced technology and innovative business models focused on finding new ways to address the energy transition and the circular economy in the mobility sector. It is essential that the approaches are realistic, both in terms of the timing of implementation, and resources to use.

It is also very important that entrepreneurs have ease of communicating with their team, have great skills in planning and project management and suggest solutions capable of addressing real problems. Finally, the team must be able to identify the possible obstacles of the pilot test project and, at the same time, provide the possible ways to solve them.