Winning projects Cleantech Camp 2020 Acceleration Program


Proposals focused on Smart grids, Smart cities and mobility monopolize this year’s awards

Cleantech Camp 2020 revealed last week, on November 26, the winning projects of this year’s edition. The awarded start-ups were selected from among 15 business ideas from various European countries, which have followed the program in recent months. The project designed in Spain Starke Energy, which proposes the application of technology based on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to develop storage solutions using batteries for balancing electrical networks, won the first prize of 20,000 euros.

Cleantech Camp winner startup Starke Energy’s founders

The second prize, worth 5,000 euros, was awarded to Allread, a project focused on smart cities, which applies deep learning technology and artificial vision for character recognition for the logistics and distribution sector. Likewise, the Solum mobility project, which designs charging stations for micro-mobility electric vehicles through solar pavement, was recognized with the third prize, which also received a contribution of 5,000 euros.

Naturgy, Enagás Emprende, CRH and PRIO reward four pilots

In addition to the winning projects, Cleantech Camp 2020 awarded special prizes for pilot development. The companies that promote the program pose to entrepreneurs a series of challenges that are capable of offering solutions to strategic sectors for our companies, with the possibility, in addition, of being financed with global contributions of up to 120,000 euros. One of the main objectives of Cleantech Camp is to promote open innovation among the companies that are promoting the program and the participating start-ups, to generate an ecosystem for an exchange of knowledge, from which both large companies and businesses in the development phase benefit.

As a result of the different projects presented by the entrepreneurs, Naturgy awarded the pilot of BeChained, a platform for intelligent electrical grids, which, based on Artificial Intelligence, graphically represents the consumption and the production profile of consumers, in order to reprogram cycles of production. In the case of Enagás Emprende, the pilot of the Portuguese start-up Algaementum, which proposes the production of biomethane through modular and decentralized carbon cultivation platforms, acknowledged. For its part, the company CRH awarded the Solum electric vehicle charging station pilot award, while the Portuguese PRIO distinguished a pilot who has designed a hydrogen generator that separated hydrogen from water using solar energy, developed by the start-up H2vivo.

You can watch the full Awards Ceremony here.