A project that produces blocks for construction with 60% less CO2 emissions, winner of Cleantech Camp 2019


The 4th edition of Cleantech Camp gave this week at the headquarters of Barcelona Activa, the prizes corresponding to the announcement of this year. The first prize, worth 20,000 euros, was awarded to eCO2blocks, a Portuguese start-up that develops and produces fully recyclable building materials with 60% less CO2 emissions, with a production cycle 10 times faster, and with costs 50% below traditional materials. The second prize, worth 10,000 euros, was awarded to VEnvirotech, a Spanish project that produces completely biodegradable bioplastics, which uses any organic waste as raw material. Finally, the 5,000 euros of the third prize were also awarded to a proposal whose entrepreneurs are Portuguese. This is Pavnext, which develops pavements for cities capable of producing kinetic energy when passing vehicles, achieving the reduction of speed, as well as clean electrical energy, which can be used to power electrical devices of the population where they are installed.

As a novelty in this year’s edition, during the program, each project has presented a pilot. In this case, the program partners have selected several pilots that will be co-financed by InnoEnergy and developed together with Naturgy and Enagás. As far as Naturgy is concerned, he has selected IM Efficiency, a project to test solar panels on company vehicles. This Dutch company, whose CEO is Martijn Idiz, has participated in the program with the intention of opening a market in southern Europe. On the other hand, he has also selected Aneo, from Maik Reder, co-founder, and CEO of the company. The proposal consists of a pilot developed with its own technology to foresee mistakes and offer an accurate diagnosis of the state of health in which the wind turbines are located. The solution will be tested in one of Naturgy’s wind farms.

Enagás, for their part, through Enagás Emprende, has opted for the Tresoil project, whose founder Roger Preston, of Australian origin, would move to Spain to start the business. Tresoil has an innovative technology licensed to process 23 different types of organic material with the capacity to recover between 95% -97% of the energy with almost zero emissions. The pilot will consist of the realization of an economic and feasibility plan to install a waste management plant in Spain using its innovative technology.

Cleantech Camp program Partners Naturgy, Enagás, and InnoEnergy undertake to analyze with the greatest detail the implementation of the pilots and their business cases and to make all the necessary efforts so that they can be developed. Although the projects will be subject to their potential, to the internal regulatory or technical legal analysis carried out by each of the organizations.

Our Partners, from left to right: Maria Ferreira, Head of Open Innovation in CEiiA; Fernando Impuesto, General Manager Enagás Emprende; Ana Martin, Fomento de la Innovación in Naturgy; and Mikel Lasa, CEO InnoEnergy Iberia.