Challenges for the development of Cleantech Camp 2020 pilot tests from Naturgy



Naturgy is a company that is currently focused on the search for solutions related to distributed generation and self-consumption, renewable gases, customer solutions, sustainable mobility, renewable energies, and advanced asset management.

Among the challenges suggested to entrepreneurs participating in the current edition of Cleantech Camp for the development of their pilots, we can find the following solutions:

  • Distributed Generation and Self Consumption
    • Solutions of all kind for prosumers
    • Solutions for integration of distributed generation in distribution networks
  • Renewable gases
    • Solutions that reduce the current costs of biomethane, biogas, etc.
    • Solutions that reduce hydrogen costs
    • New business models in the hydrogen economy
  • Customer solutions
    • Solutions for residential customers, PYMEs, etc.
  • Sustainable mobility
    • Solutions for the deployment of electric mobility in cities
    • Solutions for sustainable mobility of trucks, trains, etc.
  • Renewable energy
    • Wind asset monitoring and surveillance solutions
    • Solutions for optimized design of wind and solar parks
  • Advanced asset management
    • Asset monitoring and surveillance solutions
    • IA solutions for automated remote inspection of assets

Naturgy recommends to the entrepreneurs that the proposals be attractive and most important, that they can be tested so that in the event that they are successful, they can be deployed through the company’s business units. Pilot tests must solve the needs of the customer to which they are addressed, must allow a competitive sale with respect to other available solutions, and must reflect a meaningful economic proposal so that the client is willing to pay for a said solution a price that makes it viable. Finally, it also encourages projects to have a business model and a solid, well-structured and well-founded business plan and to provide specific data on the potential market to which the solution is directed.