Pedro Humbert: «Cleantech Camp helped us to professionalize our project»


ECO2Blocks is a Portuguese startup that transforms industrial waste into construction products, combining the by-product of the steel industry with wastewater under certain conditions, which absorbs CO2 and works up to 5 times better than the traditional materials. The project, led by Pedro Humbert, won first prize in the 2019 edition of Cleantech Camp. The co-founder of the company tells us about his time in the program and how they have evolved since then.

What did participating in Cleantech Camp mean to you?

Participating in Cleantech Camp was a great advance for us. We came as a startup with a business model already written and full of ideas, and the program helped us to professionalize our project, allowing us to go from being a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs to a group of business.

What was the best thing about participating in Cleantech Camp?

The professionalism and quality of the trainers.

In which phase is the project now?

We are currently closing a pilot plant agreement with the main Brazilian steel industry.

How has EcO2Blocks evolved since you introduced it at Cleantech Camp?

In June of last year we were in a prototyping phase, validating many concepts. We put all the learnings together, and started looking for strong partnerships, and preparing some prototypes for the Brazilian steel industry. We haven’t received a lot of investment proposals, but we decided to go for a key partner in the steel industry.

How many people are currently working on the project?

Our team is made up of three people, two of whom work full-time, while the third one works part-time.

How do you expect the project to evolve in the coming months? After this crisis, we have the intention to start with the pilot plant, to validate the economic viability of mass production, and also delve into carbon capture technology, to use industrial flue gases instead of liquefied CO2.